Heights Early Learning Center


The early morning is started off with breakfast, table toys and books.

Breakfast is put away. The children are now enjoying free play. This includes floor toys, drama area, science/sensory table, book area and table toys.

Clean up for morning snack and begin our preschool program. Morning circle, singing, stories, lessons, and plenty of hands-on learning. Lesson-related worksheets and art, then clean up and off to outdoor play, weather permitting.

Enjoy indoor music and movement if forced to stay inside.

Wash up and eat lunch, then down for a little story.

Nap/quiet time.

Children choose table toys or books.

Clean up for afternoon snack. Group discussion and reflect on the day.

Enjoy ourselves in our child-led learning environment. Waiting to show Mommy and Daddy what we accomplished today.

Parents, please remember this is a guideline for the day. When we are working with young children, our program requires flexibility to change at any time for any reason. We emphasize providing a positive experience for the children.

This program is based on the Emergent Curriculum approach, which originated in Italy and has been used there for many years. We believe every child needs an authentic childhood, one that meets each individual child's needs.

Our Centre facilitates a child-led learning environment; however, we also set clear gildelines and boundaries. Children need to know what is acceptable and what is not. Our environment IS our learning.


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